Flower-like burn:

  • Let the candle burn in at least 3 hours intervals for several days.
  • A ballooning cup starts to form from the edges in the top part of the candle within 10-15 hours – depending on the length of the burning periods.
  • The flower-like opening itself starts to form after approx. 20-30 hours burn. The longer and more extended periods you burn the candle, more beautiful it will become.
  • Generally the candle opens to both sides and sometimes only to the other side depending on the place where the candle is being burnt. The reason is often a draft on the candle, which can have several reasons to it.
  • The flower-like burn can be accelerated by opening the edges slightly outwards yourself when the edge is soft. Continue burning.
  • Do not squeeze the candle’s edges inwards if you would like to establish the flower-like burn. (The candle can be burned also like a normal table candle, when the edges are pushed slightly inwards when putting the candle off.)

Burn the candle only on a non-flammable, big enough platform. The platform’s diameter has to be approximately three times bigger than the candle’s diameter, it has to be flat and have high edges (not e.g. a flat mirror!)

If you want to burn the candles in a group of several candles, their distance from each other has to be at least the width of three candles. Please note the platform's size.

Do not burn the candle …

  • on a window shelf
  • on a television
  • on a hot stov
  • under an air conditioner
  • nearby curtains or other flammable material

Keep the candle out of reach of small children.

Never leave the candle unattended.

Care instructions of the candle’s wick

  • The wick has to be approx 10 mm long.
  • The flame has to be in the middle of the candle.
  • The flame can be controlled by gently pressing the foot of the wick towards e.g. the candle’s centre when the wax is melted.

Removing a stain from a tablecloth:

The electric candle is the only totally non-dripping candle on the market so far.
Marble Candles® are made from clean foodstuff wax which is the wax used in treating all the foodstuff packages so the stain can be fully removed:

  • Set wax is removed from a tablecloth by hand and the rest by putting a sheet of a kitchen roll both on and under the stain and then the sheet is pressed with a hot iron. The grease is absorbed in the sheet after which the tablecloth is washed as normal.
  • An appropriate platform is essential to avoid accidents.

When used properly Marble Candles® are safe and they create a wonderful atmosphere.



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