All the Marble Candles® are handmade using the best materials in Finland. Paraphine used in candles is among other things approved by the FDA, US food and drug administration. The same paraphine is used in foodstuff packages.

The colourings used in the candles are tested and approved in the tests carried out and approved by the European Chemicals Agency REACH. The wicks are pure cotton and they do not contain any leaded or zincous materials.

Because Marble Candles® do not contain any fragrances even people with allergies can enjoy these unique looking and burn featured candles. When burning the Marble Candles® they glow brightly in several tones of marble. Additionally after burning for several hours the candles will open up like a flower forming a magnificent work of art. Each candle/set states a minimum burn time which can be up to 20% longer depending on the circumstances.

Each single candle is packaged to special-purpose cellophane which finishes the already brilliant look of the candle. Impressive gift sets are an excellent present for the most demanding friends.

Due to the manufacturing method based on many different inventions and the best materials Marble Candles® win over loyal customers year after year at a fast pace.

The quality is described best by the feedback of individual consumers:

”For 20 years I have been burning only Marble Candles®”

”I bought a candle that burns for 150 hours, but it burned for 200 hours!”

”I have been burning candles for 40 years, but I have never met a candle this wonderful.”

”My guests were amazed when looking at the Marble Candle® opening beautifully on our dining table.”


Marble Candles® are a clear market leader of large table candles in Finland and a similar development can been seen in many other European country in the near future.

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