We produce Iridescent candles for sports clubs’ and schools’ fund raising. These candles are made from the same excellent materials than the Marble Candles® with an exception that they do not open like a flower when burning. Iridescent candles are meant only for fund raising and they are available only from our factory outlet (sinisellä kirjoitettu olisi tarkoitus olla linkki, joka linkittyy tehtaanmyymälä-sivulle). For several years many sports clubs and school classes have collected excellent profits by selling these iridescent candles from autumn to Christmas.

For example if the team of your child needs more funds to run its operations, what would be a better and more profitable product than this quality Iridescent candle for the darkening autumn evenings?

Please do not hesitate to contact us and we will tell you more about how you can earn hundreds of Euros for your team with no effort!

Iridescent candle
Size: 70x90mm
Burn time: 40 t
Weight: 300g
Sales lot: 48 candles